Hurricanes are severe tropical storms with heavy rains and intense winds which blow in a circle around the center, better known as the eye. If the eye passes directly overhead, there will be a lull in the wind lasting from a few minutes to as long as a half an hour. On the other side of the eye, the winds will return rapidly to hurricane force and blow from the opposite direction.

Hurricane winds can reach well over 100 miles per hour, and create a huge dome of water called a storm surge with high waves that flood the coastline. Hurricanes can also produce tornadoes and cause severe flooding. All Atlantic and Gulf Coastal States, including Florida, are threatened by hurricanes. Hurricane season begins in June and ends in November.


The National Weather Service categorizes hurricanes by intensity on a scale of 1 to 5.


Category 1: Have winds of 74 to 95 MPH and a storm surge of 4-5 feet above the mean high tide

Category 2: has winds of 96 to 110 MPH and has a storm surge of 6-8 feet above the mean high tide.

Category 3: has winds of 111 to 130 MPH and has a storm surge of 9-12 feet above the mean high tide.

Category 4: has winds of 131 to 155 MPH and has a storm surge of 13-18 feet above the mean high tide.

Category 5: Have winds in excess of 156 MPH and a storm surge over 19 feet above the mean high tide.





We live in an area where hurricanes are a threat, and you must be prepared to secure your safety and that of your family. You should prepare in advance with emergency supplies, personal necessities and evacuation routes in case you have to evacuate.


Please review the following linked documents which may help you prepare for a hurricane.



Before a Hurricane

During a Hurricane

After a Hurricane

Hurricane Tracking Tools


The link below will take you to a check list, which is the emergency supplies kit checklist recommended by FEMA and it is part of FEMA's emergency prepareredness plan.


Check List


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